Night Of The Consumers 2

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The work of a sales consultant is hardly the most rewarding pursuit in the world. You have to constantly solve someone’s problems and deal with the most unpleasant people. But what can you do, this is part of the profession. Of course, one can get really tired of this, especially if the working day is nearing its end. However, it is too early to go home, because belated customers are still wandering through the rows, and the store must be put in order for tomorrow’s opening. All this falls on your already exhausted shoulders. And your manager is far from good-natured and will give you a real headache if something goes wrong. Can you cope with these numerous tasks? Check it out by playing Night of the Consumers!

At first it might seem that this game is nothing special. You just walk around the supermarket, arrange products and talk with people who turn to you on a variety of issues. But this is only the beginning. Gradually, your work will turn into a real hell. Buyers you are going meet will be a bit strange to say the least, and their requests will have a scattering of mental effects on you, from slight bewilderment to the desire to hit them with something heavy on the head. Some of them will pop out of nowhere, which can scare you pretty much when you don’t expect it. And the whole atmosphere is kind of heavy, oppressive. In general, very soon the whole process will begin to have a tint of a true horror.

Separately, it is necessary to talk about a manager who behaves in such a way that sometimes you think about whether he is a person at all or maybe some demon from the underworld. Firstly, such an evil guy is hard to imagine. Even minor stuff is enough for him to lose his temper. And the reaction doesn’t exactly correlate with its cause. Get ready to literally run away from him throughout the store – and he runs very fast, which once again raises your doubts about his paranormal abilities. In short, the place is not pleasant and something wrong is definitely going on here. But there is nothing you can do, you have to deal with your direct duties, having learned to perceive all these horrors for granted, because otherwise you will not see your salary. Good luck with your hard job!

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