Night Of The Consumers Horror

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3.9 stars

There is one thing in the world worse than a shitty job. And it’s a shitty manager. On your first day of working at a local product store, you thought he was actually ok. Even though you were a bit late, he only gave you a short warning and got back to his business. But that was only the beginning. Soon you’ll learn the whole power of his wrath that extends to anything from badly stocked shelves to complaints from obviously inadequate customers. So you’d better do your job flawlessly – or stay away from him. In case of even the slightest mistake, getting fired is probably the least painful things that can happen to you… And if you get under the manager’s hot hand when he’s out of spirits, you’re going to regret it, seriously!

The guy can’t control himself once he flies into a rage. At this moment, he stops looking human and turns into some sort of a monsters chasing you through the aisles with ominous snarling and some strange yellow glint in his eyes. Sometimes you wonder whether he is even a man and not some sort of a hellish creature. At least, that would perfectly explain his crappy character! But what happens at the store in the daytime goes in no comparison to the things that unfold here when the night falls and the lights go dim. Being inside the closed empty supermarket is kind of creepy on its own. And when you add the furious manager ready to flip for the slightest reason, it’s nothing short of a survival horror! Really, you can’t be sure that things won’t end up with your head squashed by a wine bottle and your blood splattered all over the floor together with its contents. Remember, the main rule of keeping both your job and your scull is not to piss your manager off at night! As you can see, working in this supermarket is not an easy call. Will you be able to cope with all the troubles and hardships of your strenuous job in Night of the Consumers? Let’s find out!

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