Night Of The Consumers 3

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Sellers and consumers are two different worlds that pursue their own goals. Shop owners need to sell their goods as fast as possible before the preservation term of the products runs out and keep an eye on fresh collections of clothes and footwear to stock up on fashionable stuff just in time for a new season. Buyers, on the other hand, want to purchase the highest-quality goods and not just anything that is on the shelves, but exactly those they need right now. The link keeping this complicated chain mechanism working is the valiant army of sales assistants. They take on a major share of the pressure doing all the hard work – carrying boxes with supplies, arranging products across the aisles and helping visitors out with their requests. Night of the Consumers uncovers all the difficulties and horrors of such a job!

Unlike many other supermarket games that came before, your task here is not to ensure an influx of revenue by coping with your duties well. It’s simply to survive. It doesn’t matter how many shelves you stock up on your shift – they will soon go empty and you’ll have to do the job all over again. It doesn’t matter how many customers you help – they will keep coming to you with the most ridiculous issues. And don’t expect to see any gratitude in response. If they think you’re not polite or effective enough, they won’t hesitate to complain to the manager. This is probably the toughest and scariest character in the game who won’t cut you any slack. Don’t expect him to overlook minor faults and generally treat you with understanding. Any mistake you make will instantly reflect on your salary – or even your physical health. So you’d better plan your schedule right and choose a route that will take you to all the shelves you need to restock with minimal risk of bumping into another nagging consumer!

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