Night of the Consumers Game Play Online For Free

There is something sinister about supermarkets. If you think of it, many grim events in horror movies happen right at this place. If it’s a zombie apocalypse, this is exactly a place where the last few survivors hide or scavenge for supplies – just to be attacked by a bunch of snarling dead roaming between the aisles. And how many monsters and maniacs attack unsuspecting night guards when the store is already closed? But even if there is nothing like that going on, spending too much time at a supermarket can be bad for your psyche – especially when you work there. Night of Consumers will put you in the sorry shoes of a sales assistant who is stuck on his night shift dealing with the usual stocking routine – and an endless flow of customers, each wanting his undivided attention. Will you be able to handle all the challenges and horror of this dreadful job?

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