Night of the Consumers Game Play Online For Free

There is something sinister about supermarkets. If you think of it, many grim events in horror movies happen right at this place. If it’s a zombie apocalypse, this is exactly a place where the last few survivors hide or scavenge for supplies – just to be attacked by a bunch of snarling dead roaming between the aisles. And how many monsters and maniacs attack unsuspecting night guards when the store is already closed? But even if there is nothing like that going on, spending too much time at a supermarket can be bad for your psyche – especially when you work there. Night of Consumers will put you in the sorry shoes of a sales assistant who is stuck on his night shift dealing with the usual stocking routine – and an endless flow of customers, each wanting his undivided attention. Will you be able to handle all the challenges and horror of this dreadful job?

Keep the shelves stocked and steer clear of consumers!

Everything will start rather upbeat. You’ll be late on your first day, but you will easily get away with it – for now. You’ll also be given a supervisor who seems to be a cheerful and sociable guy. At first, he’ll be teaching you all the stuff you need to do at the store, but as things go more and more disturbing, you won’t see him around much. Your duties consist of making sure all the shelves are stocked and there are enough goods for all the buyers popping in. That seems like a rather simple task, but not with the amount of requests and complaints you’ll be getting from omnipresent visitors.

The clock will start ticking at the very moment you put the first product on the first shelf, so you’d better move all the supply boxes near them in advance to cut your trajectory short. These boxes will also come in handy for self-defense later when the buyers, unable to get you to solve all of their problems, will fly off the handle and chase you with a clear intention to rip your throat. The best thing you can do then is run as fast as you can and knock them down by throwing those boxes at the crowd. It will also be useful to study the building in advance and familiarize yourself with all possible routes that can lead you to safety. Luckily, you can sit a particularly tough time out in the staff-only room. But you can’t stay there all night long because you still need to finish all the work before the shift ends.

Don’t make the manager angry!

Another thing that will turn your working hours into a complete hell is your manager. He is a severe dude who doesn’t forgive mistakes and will be glad to scold you for the slightest fault. You failed to restock one of the aisles in time – get a penalty. A customer complained about you – get another one. Before too long, you risk being fired, but that’s the least of your problems. The manager is no stranger to violence and if you screw up too often, you risk unleashing his dark side. At moments like this, he will give you real creeps with his demonically flashing eyes, ominous inhuman sounds coming from his mouth and an urge to pursue you down the aisles. Add the overall ugly hygiene, gloomy atmosphere and the amount of irritation you are going to feel all the time – and you end up in real hell. How long will you manage to stay on this job before going mental? Play Night of the Consumers and find out!

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